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Minutes of the CPRB Meeting Held on February 27, 2007

Ms. Pittinger sent a letter to Barbara L. Trant, Director, City of Pittsburgh Department of Personnel & Civil Service seeking clarification of the rumored plan for the PBP to absorb Housing Authority police officers; Ms. Pittinger reported that she is preparing a formal proposal to City Council seeking codification of certain standards affecting police conduct that were adopted during the consent decree between the City of Pittsburgh and the US Department of Justice; 2006 Total Intake was 783 allegations contained in 450 complaints; In 2007, 53 complaints have been received as of 2/27/07; The Intake Coordinator recruitment process has concluded with 109 applicants are on the eligibility list; The Republic of Albania has requested a global videoconference with Ms. Pittinger and available Board Members to discuss the civilian police review process; Ms. Pittinger asked permission of the Board to arrange an academic seminar focused on the Jackson/Charmo homicide case, irregularities in the police investigation and the continuing effort to obtain an independent criminal investigation into the questionable police conduct; Ms. Pittinger noted the upcoming tenth anniversary of the Board’s creation, 5/20/07.

CPRB Case Review Agenda, February 27th, 2007