Minutes of the CPRB Meeting Held on January 24, 2006

Ms. Hinton introduced the new CPRB Investigator, Tamara Lefcowitz; The Board’s election of a Chair and Vice Chair to terms of 2 years each was held at the January 24th Board meeting. Ms. Hinton was nominated as Chair and Mr. Carrington was nominated as Vice Chair for a 2 year term; Ms. Hinton would like to meet with newly appointed, Mayor Bob O’Connor and Chief of Police Dom Costa not as a public meeting rather as an informal meeting; A letter outlining the Jackson/Charmo incident was sent to Judge Joseph James requesting the PA Attorney General to investigate the case; Ms. Hinton received a telephone call from former Board member, Craig Edwards. He was the Assistant Chief at the time of Jackson/Charmo incident and was present as the senior officer on the scene that evening; Ms. Christy Samanski won a civil lawsuit against city police officer; The Black & White Reunion Summit against Racism held their 10th annual event Saturday, 1/21/2006; Ms. Susan Malie was appointed as new City Solicitor; Board members’, Ms. Hinton and Mr. Bankston, concerns regarding Police Officer Michelle Barkman.


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