Introducing the CPRB

The Citizen Police Review Board (CPRB) is an independent agency set up to investigate citizen complaints about improper police conduct.

History of the CPRB

Set against a backdrop of tremendous social, economic, and cultural commotion, Pittsburgh adopted a Home Rule form of government in 1976. Economic downturn in the 1980s left the city swirling with the ashes of social turbulence in the mid-nineties and indicators of seriously strained relations between citizens and their police.

Board & Staff

Ms. Elizabeth C. Pittinger, Executive Director


The CPRB’s blog about its work and related developments.

Reference Documents

Citizen Police Review Board Rules and Operating Procedures; The Consent Decree; Map of Police Zones.

Filing a Complaint

Know Your Rights; Frequently-Asked Questions; The Complaint Process; File a Complaint Now.

Contact the CPRB

Citizen Police Review Board, 816 5th Avenue, Suite 400, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. Phone: (412) 765-8023. Fax: (412) 765-8059.