Introducing the CPRB

The Citizen Police Review Board (CPRB) is an independent agency set up to investigate citizen complaints about improper police conduct.  The CPRB was created by voter referendum, and its rules are governed by Title Six, Article VI of the City Code.

The CPRB is made up of seven unpaid board members appointed by City Council and the Mayor. Board members serve a four-year term.  While serving, they versee all aspects of complaint handling:  from initial review to public hearings and meetings to recommendations, if applicable.

The CPRB can only investigate complaints related to the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and any officer thereof.  The CPRB does not handle complaints about BBI, Fire, EMS, or any other department, bureau, or division within the City of Pittsburgh.

CPRB is a member of the National Association of Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement.

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