City of Pittsburgh • About the Citizen Police Review Board
City of Pittsburgh • About the Citizen Police Review Board
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File a Complaint Now

File a Complaint Now

What Should I Report?

If you know of a situation that hurts the relationship between the public and the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, please tell us about it. We will file and log your e-mail as an informal complaint. However, for the CPRB to investigate your complaint, you must also submit a sworn (notarized) written statement. As a convenience, notary services are available at the CPRB office. If you don’t want to file a complaint but have comments or questions for the CPRB, you can contact us here.

What’s Next?

Upon logging your informal complaint, the CPRB will mail a packet to you. This packet includes additional information and a Citizen Complaint form, which you can use to submit your sworn statement. If you only provide us with an e-mail address, we will e-mail the Citizen Complaint form to you. You can also download the Citizen Complaint form and optional questionnaire to save time and further simplify the process.

Is the CPRB Appropriate For My Complaint?

The CPRB’s jurisdiction does not extend beyond the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police. If you have a complaint or concern involving a non-Pittsburgh police department, here is the Allegheny County Municipality Map and some additional local, state, and national resources that may help you

The CPRB does not investigate complaints against civilians or businesses in Pittsburgh. If you have a non-police, quality-of-life complaint in Pittsburgh, we suggest you contact the City’s 311 Response Center.

Begin Filing a Complaint

Fill out the online form below or download the Citizen Complaint form and optional questionnaire here.

    Your Information

    Legal Relation to Victim?

    Incident Report

    Injury Report

    Were you injured (required)?

    Were you treated in a hospital (required)?

    If you were treated in a hospital, how did you get there?

    Were you treated elsewhere, by a personal physician or health care professional?

    If so, will you authorize release of related medical records to the CPRB?

    If so, are you under continuing care for this injury?

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    About the CPRB

    The Citizen Police Review Board (CPRB) is an independent agency within the City of Pittsburgh set up to investigate citizen complaints about improper conduct by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police. MORE

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