Minutes of the CPRB Meeting Held on June 28, 2011 (Mtg. No. 137)

Ms. Walker announced that Reverend Downing’s resignation is effective immediately following the meeting; Ms. Pittinger reported on the current status of Public Safety Bill No. 2010-0234, sponsored by Councilmen Burgess, Lavelle, and Shields; Ms. Pittinger mentioned Councilman Kraus’s concerns about including a provision in Bill No. 2010-0234 that would require data collection of the protected classes (gender, race, and disability), more specifically the LGBT community; Ms. Pittinger also noted City Solicitor Dan Regan’s assertion that the provisions of the proposed legislation would negatively affect the accreditation process; Ms. Pittinger informed the Board that the CPRB investigation into the Jordan Miles incident remains suspended pending the outcome of a criminal inquiry underway by the Allegheny County District Attorney, as is required by the Pittsburgh City Code.


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