Minutes of the CPRB Meeting Held on May 25, 2010 (Mtg. No. 126)

Ms. Pittinger reported that Investigator Sherri Bridgett will be absent indefinitely due to unforeseen medical issues; Ms. Pittinger mentioned John Bingler’s impending retirement/relocation plans and informed the board of City Council’s preparation to recognize his accomplishments before his departure from Pittsburgh; Ms. Pittinger informed the Board of the status of CPRB Case #10-21 (Jordan Miles); On 5/13/10, Ms. Pittinger traveled to Washington, PA where their police department, NAACP branch and police oversight community wished to hear advice on how to form a model similar to CPRB; On 5/14/10, in excess of 1250 pages of documents related to the G-20 subpoena were delivered to Ward McGough by Atty. Paul Krepps on behalf of Chief Harper/City of Pittsburgh; 12 cases were reviewed.