Minutes of the CPRB Meeting Held on October 27, 2009 (Mtg. No. 120)

On 10/20/09, CPRB held a G-20 community meeting in Lawrenceville at the Stephen Foster Community Center for the general purpose of creating an official record of public testimony from individual experiences related to G-20 activities that occurred in the area; Ms. Pittinger discussed the arrangement of a subsequent G-20 community meeting to be held in Oakland; Ms. Pittinger asked permission of the Board to work exclusively with Sam Rosenfeld, CEO, The Densus Group, in an effort to generate a comprehensive G-20 report; Ms. Pittinger mentioned the results of the DA TASER Committee’s findings on whether Tasers should be maintained as a less than lethal use of force; Brief discussion was held regarding the reinstatement of Police Officer Paul Abel; 28 cases were reviewed.