Minutes of the CPRB Meeting Held on June 26, 2007

Ms. Hinton acknowledged Pittsburgh Police Officer Steve Mescan and announced that he would be presenting a presentation on the SWAT team; The CPRB is in receipt of 203 complaints since January; Ms. Pittinger announced the impending departure of Mr. Thieman from his private practice of law to assume Presidency of the Buhl Foundation; The Board agreed to move discussion of a proposal to submit legislation to Council and the administration to prohibit focused residential picketing in retaliation for public acts taken by public officials, including police officers; Ms. Pittinger reported that several recommendations were made to City Council on behalf of the Board, B-PEP, and other interested parties related to codification of consent decree standards; Ms. Hinton inquired as to the status of police promotions that initiated great controversy due to the association of some of those officers to histories of domestic violence; Pittinger reported to the Board a police initiative to permit officers to work four 10-hour days a week.