Minutes of the CPRB Meeting Held on October 24, 2006

Ms. Hinton and Ms. Pittinger met with the Mayor Ravenstahl on 5/31/06. They formally introduced themselves and discussed the role of the CPRB, expectations of the new administration, and anticipation of Chief-designee, Nat Harper; Total Intake as of 10/24/06 is reported as 377; The Bureau of Police is conducting a recruiting drive, 10/16 – 11/27/06; On 10/18/06 a public hearing into Gibbs v. Moss, CPRB #417-05 opened; The investigation into the 5/26/06 and 6/20/06 police pursuit has resumed with the receipt of various materials obtained for the CPRB by OMI from the Allegheny County Emergency Operations Center/911.


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