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Minutes of the CPRB Meeting Held on September 27, 2005

Minutes of the CPRB Meeting Held on September 27, 2005

Ms. Hinton introduced and welcomed Board Members, Dr. Mary Jo Guercio, and Ms. Deborah L. Walker; Ms. Hinton presented Mr. Brian Matts with a proclamation for his great work as a CPRB Investigator; Ms. Erin Dalton, Dr. Mary Jo Guercio and Ms. Deborah L. Walker were officially sworn-in by Mayor Murphy on September 13th in the Mayor’s conference room. This is the first time since September 2002 that the Board has enjoyed a full complement of seven members; Ms. Pittinger distributed a report on members’ terms; The Investigator’s position vacated by Mr. Matts’ departure will be posted through October 14th; Ms. Pittinger alerted the Board that they will observe an unusual delay in receiving complaints for review due to the sheer load of investigative work borne by Ms. Gamble as the sole Investigator; Two major upcoming events: Tuesday, October 4, 2005 @ 1:00pm – City Council scheduled a public hearing on the circumstances around the death of Jerry Jackson on April 6, 1995 and Wednesday, October 12, 2005 @ 7:00pm – Premiere of documentary, “Enough is Enough: The Death of Jonny Gammage”.

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