Minutes of the CPRB Meeting Held on June 28, 2005

Ms. Hinton’s letter to Council was delivered on June 1. The letter re-informed Council of the outstanding vacancy in a Council-designated seat and the effective abandonment of the seat held by Mr. Ron Freeman, Council’s LEP designee; Ms. Pittinger gave the Board Members a copy of the PowerPoint presentation she delivered to the Black & White Reunion Planning Committee and the Black Political Empowerment Project (B- PEP). The presentation is focused on the known facts of the Jerry Jackson homicide; We have requested authorization from the Office of Management & Budget to commence the process to hire a full-time investigator; There are five cases to be scheduled for public hearing; The CPRB has received two complaints related to the use of Taser. One complaint was of a mentally challenged individual and the other from a mother about her son being tased.