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Introducing CPRB’s new website

September 27th, 2012

Introducing CPRB’s new website

September 27th, 2012

OUT IN THE COMMUNITY: CPRB Director Elizabeth Pittinger (R) talks with Alliance for Police Accountability chair Brandi Fisher. (Photo: Ricco J. L. Martello)

The Independent Citizen Police Review Board in the City of Pittsburgh, PA, was established by a referendum amendment to the Pittsburgh Home Rule Charter on May 20, 1997. The Independent CPRB is mandated to be an objective and impartial entity focused on improving relations between the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and civilians in the City of Pittsburgh. The CPRB conducts independent investigations into individual complaints of police conduct and offers advice & recommendations to the Chief of Police and Mayor on matters of police policy & procedure.

Citizen Activists

Citizens surround Councilman Ricky Burgess following passage of the Police Annual Reporting & Accountability Bill on October 11, 2011.

Our new website

The new independent website of the Citizen Police Review Board was publicly launched in September, 2012. On our site you will find information about the mission, history, board and staff of the CPRB, a Calendar of upcoming public meetings and events, information about Filing a Complaint, and a growing archive of documents can be found in For Public Record.

This important area of the website—the For Public Record section—includes CPRB board meeting minutes and case action and status reports, annual and interim reports, briefings and public hearing information, court documents and correspondence, and Police, City and Federal reports. More content is being added weekly as documents are processed and organized on the website.

Please be advised that police tactics and procedures that have not been disclosed by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police will not be revealed on this site. Similarly, open investigations and investigations closed without a public hearing will not be discussed on this site.

We encourage you to comment, share your observations, offer suggestions and ask questions related to community police relations. We invite discussion initiated by civilians and police officers alike. The date, time and location of Upcoming Meetings & Events are published on this page, please try to join us.

Elizabeth Pittinger
Independent CPRB Executive Director

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About the CPRB

The Citizen Police Review Board (CPRB) is an independent agency within the City of Pittsburgh set up to investigate citizen complaints about improper conduct by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police. MORE

CPRB 2023 Meeting Dates

January 24, 2023
February 28, 2023
March 28, 2023
April 25, 2023
May 23, 2023
June 27, 2023
July 25, 2023
September 26, 2023
October 24, 2023
December 5, 2023

All meetings start at 6pm and are viewable via Zoom. Check here for agenda and details.