1997-1998: The CPRB’s First Steps

The Board’s first official act was to appoint their Solicitor, Frederick W. Thieman, Esq., and they convened their first official business meeting on 12/01/1997.

Following a public hearing, the Citizen Police Review Board Rules & Operating Procedures were adopted on 4/07/1998.

Following an exhaustive search, the Executive Director was hired on 4/13/1998; office space was leased in May 1998 and support staff and Investigators hired, May through July 1998.

The Citizen Police Review Board office opened to receive complaints on 7/15/1998.

Every move made by the Board received media attention and guidance.

“Under construction: The police review board experiences growing pains” – (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Editorial, 8/28/1998)


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