1997: Enabling the Citizen Review Board

City Council considered two bills to enable the independent citizen review board:

  • Bill 1997-2175: proposed by the administration
  • Bill 1997-2177: proposed by City Council.

City Council held a public hearing on 7/21/1997 on the proposed legislation.

Bill 1997-2177: Enacting a new Article under Title Six of the Pittsburgh Code, entitled, “Citizen Police Review Board,” setting forth its composition, providing it with broad powers to investigate and study police policies and behaviors, and establishing its functions, all subject to certain terms and conditions.

Introduced: 7/15/1997   Passed:   8/08/1997
Mayoral Approval: 8/12/1997   Effective Date: 11/01/1997


The legislation required that inaugural members be appointed one month prior to the effective date of the ordinance.

The initial appointment procedure required 4 members to serve 4-year terms and 3 to serveyear terms. Thereafter all terms were 4-years in duration with staggered expirations.

Member Appointments

The Inaugural Board

Dr. John Burkoff, J.D., Chair   11/1997 – 10/1999   2 year term   Council Seat
Ms. Diane DePalma(Ret. PBP Commander)   11/1997- 10/2001   4 year term   Council Seat
Rev. Toussaint K Hill   11/1997- 10/2001   4 year term   Mayoral Seat
Ms. Marsha V. Hinton   11/1997- 10/2001   4 year term   Council Seat
Mr. Robert Kroner *(Ret. Super. Co. Police)   11/1997 – 10/1999   2 year term   Mayoral Seat
Ms. Leslie Lewis **   11/1997 – 10/1999   2 year term   Mayoral Seat
Mr. Chuck Peters   11/1997-10/2001   4 year term   Mayoral Seat

*: Mr. Kroner was succeeded by Mr. John H. Bingler, Esq., on 4/07/1998

**: Ms. Lewis was succeeded by Mr. Eric Roberson.

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