1996: A Year of City Council Activism

Bill 1996-16

Directed the administration to reassess the pre-employment screening assessment tools and to provide cultural awareness, diversity, and sensitivity training; endorsed and supported the Citizen Police Academy.

Introduced: 1/9/1996   Passed: 2/13/1996
Mayoral Approval: 2/20/1996   Effective Date: 2/23/1996


Bill 1996-19

Directed the City Controller to conduct a performance audit of the number of citizen complaints filed against police officers and the types of disciplinary actions administered.

Introduced: 1/9/1996   Passed: 1/23/1996
Mayoral Approval: 1/31/1996   Effective Date: 2/02/1996


Bill 1996-20

Directed the administration to accept recommendations for replacing police clerical workers with civilians, establishing a “Special Events Task Force” and requiring annual performance evaluations for all police personnel.

Introduced: 1/9/1996   Passed: 1/30/1996
Mayoral Approval: 1/31/1996   Effective Date: 2/08/1996


Bill 1996-21

Recommended that the administration make certain changes relative to the administration of, and disciplinary policies and procedures of the Office of Professional Standards.

Introduced: 1/9/1996   Passed: 1/30/1996
Mayoral Approval: 2/02/1996   Effective Date: 2/08/1996


Bill 1996-397

Supplementing the Pittsburgh Code, Title One, Administration, Article IX, Boards, Commissions, and Authorities Chapter 171, to read: Civilian Police Review Board, setting forth its composition, providing it with broad powers to investigate and study police policies and behaviors, and establishing its functions, all subject to certain terms and conditions.

Introduced: 4/09/1996 Failed: 10/22/1996
(Vote: 5 – 4)

The Public Safety Committee of City Council conducted 7 public hearings throughout the City: 6/17/96; 6/25/96; 7/9/96; 7/15/96; 7/17/96; 9/19/96. The Bill Left Public Safety Committee on 10/17/96.


Bill 1996-916

Supplementing Title One, Administration, Article III, Organization, Chapter 116, Department of Public Safety, Section 116.02, Powers and Duties of Director, Title Change, by adding subsection (e) to add the responsibility for oversight of the police force accreditation process.

Introduced: 7/30/1996   Passed: 10/08/1996
Mayoral Approval: 10/17/1996   Effective Date: 10/23/1996*

(*: In 2005, Chief of Police Robert W. McNeilly reported to City Council that the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) accreditation process was not completed.)