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Minutes of the CPRB Meeting Held on February 28, 2012 (Mtg. No. 143)

Ms. Walker reported that the Board met in Executive Session prior to the meeting to discuss personnel matters; A motion to authorize the Executive Director to initiate inquiries when no sworn complaint has been received at the time which would be most appropriate to determine facts and circumstances related to the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, was offered by Ms. Roberts and seconded by Ms. Whitfield, and approved unanimously; A motion to continue the Executive Director’s authorization to issue subpoenas on behalf of the CPRB as necessary to facilitate prompt acquisition of materials, documents and information related to any authorized CPRB investigation and all other inquiries legitimately initiated on behalf of the CPRB and to summon parties to appear before CPRB panels convened to hear any matter to which the parties are related, was offered by Ms. Whitfield and seconded by Ms. Roberts, and approved unanimously.

CPRB Case Review Agenda, February 28th, 2012