Motor Vehicle Pursuits

Pursuit is defined by the PA Vehicle Code as “an active attempt by a police officer operating a motor vehicle to apprehend one or more occupants of a motor vehicle when the driver of the vehicle is resisting the apprehension by maintaining or increasing his speed or by ignoring the police officer’s audible or visual signal to stop.”

Police Pursuit: Compilation of Briefings

February 26th, 2008

Recently, Members have expressed renewed concern about police vehicle pursuits. The following documents are provided for review and consideration for further action: 1) Briefing prepared by intern Patrick Parsons, Fall 2007; and 2) Police Pursuit Briefing prepared by E.C.Pittinger, submitted to the Citizen Police Review Board on 6/27/2006.

Briefing on Police Pursuit: Nationwide Trends and Policy Recommendations

September 1st, 2007

Much of the work done on police chases is derived from a 1997 National Institute of Justice Study. The Study was conducted by Geoffrey P. Albert and focused on police pursuit policy and the effects of either restrictive vs. permissive policies on pursuit. The NIJ study, along with subsequent studies first view national pursuit policy in abroad categorical way, deriving statistics from analysis of over 737 law enforcement agencies.

Police Pursuit Background Information

June 27th, 2006

Police pursuit is addressed by Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated and related Statutes. It is commonly known as the Vehicle Code.