File a Complaint Now

What Should I Report?

If you know of a situation that hurts the relationship between citizens and the police, please tell us about it. We will file and log your e-mail as an informal complaint but, for the CPRB to investigate your complaint, you must also submit a sworn (notarized) statement. We will send you a Citizen Complaint form to fill out. If you would prefer to contact us by phone, fax or mail, see our contact page.

After you Contact Us

When the CPRB receives your email, we will send you additional information and a Citizen Complaint form, which you can use to submit your sworn statement. If you provide us with your street address, we will send you a packet which includes the Citizen Complaint form, a booklet of CPRB rules and procedures, and a postage-paid return envelope. If you only provide us with an email address, we will send you a pdf version of the Citizen Complaint form to save time and paper.

Are You Outside the City Limits?

The CPRB’s jurisdiction does not extend to police departments outside the City of Pittsburgh. If you have a complaint or concern involving a local police department outside the City limits, please refer to the Allegheny County Municipality Map — Select the appropriate municipality and you will be directed to a Community Profile site which provides police department information and a municipality’s official homepage if available.

Begin Filing a Complaint

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